How we work before your study

We connect you with the right Consultant who have been real Alumni in 38 countries,
ensure your success through detailed progress

Establish Scenarios

Students and Consultants discuss background and goals to define different scenarios. This include restricted timeline to get your progress done

Research courses

Consultants support you to research 10-15 most appropriate courses based on your scenarios. These will be prioritized by your own scorecard

Prepare documents

Consultants support you to prepare soft-copy of necessary documents with the most chance of getting accepted in programs

Our Services

Based on student-centered approach,
we provide the most convenient training and support package from Alumni


You know almost, just want Alumni to consult how to decide program, review your documents. Book for hourly consultation slot.


You start from 0. Alumni support all the way from orientation, choosing programs, document finalization, until success.

Pick-up & Guide

Preparing for the trip? Book Alumni to pick you up at location, guide you to necessary places in city within 2 days.

Other Services

Other great services related to overseas study provided by Alumni, Universities and providers such as study tutor, career orientation.

Our Plans

We provide the most optimized and flexible service to support students’ success


  • Initial talk with Alumni
  • 5 Alumni bookings
  • Access to events
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  • 1:1 talk
  • 60 mins video-calling
  • Solve certain probs
Start today


  • Alumni support all the way
  • Paid by training process
  • Success guarantee
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Pick up & Guide

  • Pick-up on destination
  • City guide
  • Allocation support
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Our News

Joining our weekly events to try Alumni’ online consultation.
Get huge encouragement from our enthusiastic Alumni.

Event “Chuyện du học bên ly cà phê”

Chuỗi sự kiện trải nghiệm hàng tuần: tư vấn trực tuyến cùng Alumni. Hướng nghiệp và định hướng du học rõ ràng sau 1 giờ

Bạn đã biết gì về du học Phần Lan?

Câu chuyện du học từ người trong cuộc: Alumni Thu Vũ chia sẻ về quá trình chuẩn bị, học tập tại đất nước Phần Lan xinh đẹp

Bí kíp xin học bổng du học

Nhà mình không giàu, xin học bổng du học thế nào đây? Hãy lắng nghe Alumni Hà Trần chia sẻ những hành trang cần thiết nhé

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