Who We Are

A group of experienced and enthusiastic Alumni
that desire to make global study simplified for everyone

The History Behind Our Company

Global study helps students experience the huge world outside their house. That creates global future generation.

As overseas students, we deeply understand how you are struggling to study successfully in international environment. You are currently suffering from mis-orientation, biased information, complicated process, and not even have enough budget. We have experienced all these, we knew how to overcome, and want to support you from our real experience.

The Right People In The Right Jobs

Our team consists of experienced guys, who have years serving education and youth development

Khoa Do
Founder - CEO

M.Sc. Marketing-Sweden. 8 years exp in TH Corp., TOPICA. Mentored 1000 students in marketing & overseas study.

Duy Nguyen
CoFounder - COO

MBA-Germany. 8 years exp in MOET, TOPICA. Supported 25 universities to boost online student recruitment.

Anh Nguyen
CoFounder - CPO

MBA & M.Sc. in USA, Australia. 8 years exp in Sales & Customer Service. Recruited 2,500 Alumni in 2 months.

Anh Le
CoFounder - CTO

Worked in Singapore. 10 years exp in Technology development. Developed 4 apps & games with 100k+ users.

Huy Vu

Cover everything related to University affairs

Huy Nguyen

Deal with Marketing

Kien Pham

Cover HR – Finance issues

Chau Luu

Student recruitment Hero

Cuong Tran

Thang Pham

You are Alumni. Wanna work with us?

Utilize your free moments. Support other thousands who want to study and achieve like you. Earn up to $500 for 20-25 working hours. Join our Alumni community!


Support Universities enhance student recruitment

25+ top tier Universities are cooperating with us to expand online student recruitment scale.
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