What We Do

We provide student-centered training and support services. Totally online and from Alumni.

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Support Service. Pay per hour.

This service is designed for students who just need more info from Alumni to decide, or solve a certain problem.

You search Alumni via our recommendation functions. Read Alumni profile and blog, chat generally, send them certain problems which you are confused. Then book for hourly booking slot via video call. Concise problem, getting it done!


Companion package. Totally support until success.

This package is designed for students who struggle to study abroad. They are suffering mis-orientation, complicated process, biased information. More importantly, they have only study budget of less than $20k.

Alumni support D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) students in 14-step process, from orientation, choosing programs, document finalization. The process may take up to 6 months, motivating both students and Alumni to work hard. Limited cost based on Alumni’s working hours and paid per every successful stage. Study in desired course from top global universities within your budget.


Pick up & guide. Get support totally when arriving.

This package is designed for students who are preparing for their trips. They are looking for booking flights, accommodation, transportation, exploring city with ease and lowest cost.

Powered and arranged by Alumni who are currently living in your destination. When you get things done, just book Alumni for supporting on your accommodation, flight suggestion. You may not know booking the same flight, at destination, is 30% – 40% cheaper. Alumni will pick you up at the airport, guide you around the city and prepare everything from simcard. We are currently located in 38 countries.


Study tutor and other services.

Our Alumni are powered to create their innovative & efficient services. Get in touch to be supported everything in your global study.

Reaching destination? Congratulations! And you will never fear of not graduation in-time, failing a lesson, travelling around without guides. We and our Alumni are always there to support your whole study-life-time, even career orientation to work in big Corp. before coming back home.


Ready to study abroad?

Never fear of unsuccessful study. Invest in your study smartly, and be our Alumni in 1 year later!