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Founded in 2015 based in Ha Noi, Viet Nam, Ella Study is heading to be the top online educational platform nationwide in the region, specialized in overseas-study issues.

Ella Study focuses solving current paint-points of students when they spend too much time, effort and money to apply for a suitable overseas - study program. Via marketplace - based platform, Ella Study helps students to search, filter, book for a consultation date with alumni who have studied at the same Uni / city / country with their desire. Direct connecting with Insiders (Alumni) will provide students most helpful, objective information; and reduce 50% time & 90% cost in comparison with other service providers.

Khoa do
Mr. Khoa Do (MSc.)

Mr. Khoa Do is currently working as Assistant Brand Manager of TH Milk Corp., the top leading company in food & beverage industry in Vietnam. He has 5-year marketing experience in both e-Commerce, Education and FMCG Industry. During his profession, he co-founded a $10k+ monthly revenue Education startup and managed 02 projects from the World Bank. Khoa finished his MSc. program in Linnaeus University, Sweden.

Anh nguyen
Ms. Anh Nguyen (MBA)

Ms. Anh Nguyen has various experience in Business Administration as well as Sales and Marketing. During her time as Northern Territory Manager for Invisalign - a US clear braces brand in Vietnam, she contributed to increase yearly sales volume by 38%. Currently Ms Anh is pursuing her second Master's degree in Property Valuation at RMIT Melbourne, Australia. Prior to this degree Anh has completed her Bachelor degree in Banking and Finance at Monash University, Australia and her MBA at Shenandoah University, US.

Duy nguyen
Mr. Duy Nguyen (MBA)

Mr. Duy is currently an education expert in public sector. Prior to his current institution, he has had 4 year experience in TOPICA Education Group and CMC Corporation in Education and ICT Industry. He has also co-founded two $10k+ monthly revenue Education startups after 6 months launching and managed 02 projects from the World Bank. Duy finished his MBA. program in University of Leipzig, Germany.

Anh le
Mr. Anh Le

Mr. Anh Le is currently a Tech expert in ICT Industry. With more than 7 year experience of a web developer, he has contributed to successful startups from Singapore and Germany. During those time, he attended big projects to provide web-based solutions for big companies and banks in those two countries. He finished his Bachelor degree in Vietnam National University.